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Having been raised as part of an active, outdoor family, I have never viewed four-wheeling or adventure travel as a fad, but rather an integral part of my life. As such, I recognize that it is important to respect and preserve the locations that I enjoy so much. Preservation to me means leaving the land exactly how you found it, allowing the next visitor the opportunity to enjoy the same experience that you had. Altering nature is a selfish act that will deny the splendor of the land to those who come after you. However I feel that closing that land from use is also a selfish act that denies others the beauty of nature. It is my interest to educate outdoor enthusiasts as to their responsibilities and support organizations that share this goal. I am a life member of the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, United Four Wheel Drive Association, South Dakota Off Highway Vehicle Coalition, California Off Road Vehicle Association, New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance, and Blue Ribbon Coalition. I am also an associate member of Tread Lightly and the Toyota Land Cruiser Association.





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