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Rob Lewis's Dodge Ram
Terry Estes' M715 Luis Otero's 24 Valve Dodge Ram  Jack Stanko's Chevy Silverado Josh Starnes' 12 Valve Dodge Ram 
George Wadeson's Mega Cab Garrett Bonds' Chevy Silverado Dennis Adams' Common Rail Dodge Ram Jack Stanko's Chevy Silverado
Newly Tolf's Chevy Silverado
Ben Swain's VW TDI Golf Chaz Lightner's Cummins powered Ford Super Duty Darrin Howie's Chevy Silverado Tim Schritter's 7.3L Ford Super Duty
Jesse Gulas' 24 Valve Dodge Ram
Albert Malone's 7.3L Ford Super Duty Tracy Jordan's Dodge Ram Jason Gonzales' 7.3L Ford Super Duty Max Moya's 12 Valve Dodge Ram
Brody Smelter's 6.0L Ford Super Duty
David Busch's Dodge Ram Josh Gruis' Dodge Ram Piers Harry's Cummins Powered Ford F-250 David Salazar's Dodge Ram
Jerome Jenkins Jeep CJ10A
Shaun Mihala's Ford F250 Shannon Owen's Dodge Power Wagon Kamaz Dakar T5 Race Truck Vance DeMar's Chevy Duramax
Dan Silbaugh's Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40




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