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Hello, I am

Harry Wagner

I’m a freelancer specializing in writing about, photographing and making videos about everything the off-road world has to offer.  I seek adventure and try to capture it at every opportunity.

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About Harry Situations

Harry Situations is dedicated to a life full of adventure.  My parents named me Harry after my grandfather and my father. And the situations… well they have just kind of found me ever since I made a vow decades ago to never turn down an opportunity for adventure.

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I’m available to discuss your project needs.  Head over to the contact page and reach out via whichever method is most convenient for you.

It's not just fun and games

Recreating Responsibly

Treating our public lands with respect is the only way to ensure we continue to enjoy them.  Head over to the stewardship section to see the different ways you can join me in helping protect our public lands. 

Where can you catch Harry next?

Here’s the next few event’s I’ll be attending.  You can view my entire calendar over on the Events page.

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