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I have always considered vehicles like golf clubs: you have specific ones for specific needs. Years ago I had a rockcrawler, a daily driver, and a fast car. This covered all the bases, but I have added more vehicles to my fleet since getting sucked into the black hole by friends like Fred Williams (of Dirt Every Day fame) and Verne Simons (from FourWheeler) who have to take off their shoes to keep count of how many vehicles they have. Several rigs have come and gone over the years, and I will confess that I miss them all and would keep every one if it was practical to do so. 

Project Vehicles


2001 Chevrolet Tracker

My Tracker was custom built by Jesse Haines Fabrication to be an incredibly capable rockcrawler and it exceeds all expectations.  I use this vehicle to…

1996 Toyota Tacoma

This was the perfect truck… or so it seemed on paper.  This Tacoma had the “poverty package” with a four-cylinder engine, manual transmission, bench seat,…

1999 Chevy Tracker

I bought this Tracker with the intention to build it into a dedicated rockcrawler.  Before that happened though, I slapped some 32-inch tall tires, lower…

2014 Ram 3500

When I needed a new tow rig to replace my totaled Super Duty I wanted a Ram.  I prefer the torque and simplicity of the…

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